Original Movie Posters Wanted

You may notice I collect the fringe areas of world cinema history.

At the moment, my primary focus is the pre-Production Code era, early exploitation films, particularly from master Dwain Esper, pre-WWI Pathe Freres posters and other international silents, '30s ethnographic films, German "mountain movies," and of course it almost goes without saying, horror and science fiction titles.

That said, the primary factor will be the strength of the graphics, or the place in film history. At this point, rarity will play a significant role in future acquisitions.

Do NOT be offended if I don't accept your offer to trade.

I don't care if you can give me 100 rolled, double sided Pretty Woman one sheets for my Mountain Justice lobby card, there are some items I'm just not interested in. It's nothing personal.

Items I'm specifically after:

  • Gun Crazy - 3 sheet or insert
  • Kiss Me Deadly - 1 sheet
  • Man From Planet X - insert or Style B half sheet
  • A bout de souffle - French moyenne

Thanks for looking!

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