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S*x, Dr*gs, and R*ck '*' R*ll!

Nothing gets under the skin of the older generation than the kids of today and their wild, reckless behavior, and throbbing jungle music. To that end, movies have been made pointing out (and some cynics might even say exploiting) the perils of raging teenage hormones and chemically misfiring synapses. Harlotry, degradation, and yes, even shame, horror, and despair are all the results of the choices made by ill informed youth, who were not fortunate enough to have seen the films represented here, or surely they would not have fallen into the well of depravity and rock and roll music.

Photo Title/Description Price

BEAUTY AND THE BODY (aka CALIFORNIEN STORY) (c. 1963) - OK, it doesn't get much better than this. One of the great surfing posters of the early 1960s, it features a ho-dad on his long board being tubed by an awesome wave, all the while being watched by two naked California beach bunnies. If this poster can't chase away the winter blues, nothing can.

Apparently Austrian, although it could certainly have been used in Germany as well.


CHAINED FOR LIFE (c. 1951) - Hot off the success of their appearance in Tod Browning's "Freaks" (OK, so it was 20 years later...They were busy!), notorious Siamese (or conjoined if you prefer) twins, the Hilton sisters star in this exploitation masterpiece. Pondering the ethical questions involved in punishing Siamese (or conjoined if you prefer) twins, when only one of them is guilty of murdering HER no-account husband. Worthy of Sartre.

Original Belgian release (14 1/2x21 3/4"), with tax stamp.


CHINESE ROOM, THE (1968) - The titular "chinese room" refers to a room that is used for intoxicating oneself, apparently unaware of the racist nature of the phrase. That aside, this original release 9 1/2x10 3/4" Mexican card is one of the rare examples in film history showing the use of so-called "magic" mushrooms. It's appropriate, that this was filmed in Mexico, albeit in english by Sr. Albert Zugsmith (of "High School Confidential" fame), since Mexico is the Mecca of 'shroomdom.

Elizabeth Campbell is one of the interesting footnotes in film history, being an American born actress who had quite a career in Mexican wrestling films. Campbell is about to visit elf-land in this intriguing scene.


CONFESSIONS OF A VICE BARON (1942) - More from sleazemeister Willis Kent, in what is essentially a compilation of other Willis Kent productions spliced into a new "story." This was a favorite tactic of the roadshow men, whether it was hacking early ethnographic films into jungle adventures, or re-purposing silents into dubbed sound masterpieces, anything that would run through a projector was fair game.

Fantastic poster that baits the trap with sex slaves and seals the deal with easy money, light 2 1/2" separation in the upper left horizontal fold.


10 NIGHTS IN A BARROOM (1931) - Set of 3 roadshow window cards for the Willis Kent retelling of the melodrama that just would not go away.

A staple of the late 19th and early 20th century live theater scene, "10 Nights..." was a natural for the new medium of film, and was one of the earliest stories to be made - and remade, and remade. Willis ("Pace That Kills" & "Wages of Sin") Kent brings his own brand of over-the-top insanity to the ad campaigns. The window cards mimic the two designs of the one sheet with the fight scene and the sickly-daughter-with-drunk-daddy scene, along with a true "title" window card. I'm not certain if these are from the original release (but I haven't seen a full color "litho" WC either) or from a later roadshow release, but they are definitely early.

The perfect pieces for over your bar.


ACAPULCO GOLD (1978) - Original Australian daybill, featuring furry freak artwork a la Gilbert Shelton.

The mere mention of the phrase Acapulco Gold brings a smile to the heart and a glaze to the eye among a certain demographic, and the filmmakers were clearly banking on this. Generally accepted to be incompetent as a film, this poster is clearly the best thing about the celluloid that was wasted in its production. While the artwork might not be completely authorized, Shelton's freaks epitomized the era and this daybill nicely captures that.


ACID, DELIRIO DEI SENSI (1968) - Original release Italian "large" photobusta.

One of the most coveted of the LSD related titles, this large photobusta (26 1/2x37") is a great piece to add to your collection. The visual movement in the design is an effective mirror of the dosed characters as they struggle in their "trip" through acidland.


ALTERED STATES (1980) - Ken Russell's exploration of sex, drugs, religion, and the nature of man practically puts the nail in the coffin of the druggy '70s. A movie for thinking adults, it was pretty much the last Hollywood film to treat drugs as anything other than a shortcut to a witless punchline. How could "drugs" redevelop the human body? Is that something we want? Russell's take is fascinating, if occasionally incomprehensible (just like most of his films!).

Original release insert is the perfect format for the iconic artwork of William Hurt floating in a suspension tank.


AMOUR QUI TUE, L' (literally, THE LOVE THAT KILLS, aka TODLICHE LIEBE (aka TABUS DER SEXUALITAT)?) (c. 1953?) - This is as close to a true "exploitation" film poster I've ever seen for a French release. Whether the European acceptance of nudity so lacking in 'Merica created a climate where it was unnecessary to titillate the audience with nekkid ladies, or whether it was a film industry that seemed to lack the bottom feeders so essential to creating what I collect, I can't think of any other poster like this. Lurid descriptions are the equal of any from the US, and the artwork...ooh-la-la!

It's hard to know for sure, but I suspect this is for "Tödliche Liebe" (aka "Tabus der Sexualität"), a 1953 German obscurity.

An original French grande, that is nearly overwhelming in amazingness. Artwork by poster artiste extraordinaire, Constantin Belinsky.


ARE THESE OUR PARENTS (1944) - Woe to the poor daughter of boozy floozy Helen Vinson. While she's out partying all night with a series of losers, daughter's very chastity is at the mercy of "teenage" boys who should know better. Outrageous! Why, the very idea!

Original release US one sheet. A cool twist on the bad girl genre, when mom is the bad girl and daughter is virtuous.


BIG CUBE, THE (aka MEURTRE A PETITES DOSES) (1969) - Somewhere between "Peyton Place" and "The Love Boat" career-wise, Lana Turner stars as the evil stepwife, who is being driven crazy by her stepdaughter for dead daddy's inheritance money. "West Side Story" veteran and staple of '60s druggie cinema, George Chakiris, is also aboard for the diabolical scheme.

LSD was commonly put into sugar cubes prior to being ingested by dope addicts. This original Belgian poster (14 1/2x19 1/4") highlights the scene where a former Shark is about to add the hippie highball to Lana's big sugar cube. Get it? Big cube? Oh, what do you know...


BLUE SUNSHINE (1976) - There are "acid" flashbacks, and then there are acid flashbacks. "Blue Sunshine" tells the tale of hippies who are turned to murdering, bald headed monsters when a bad batch of LSD rears its ugly head, 10 years later. Take that Orange Sunshine!

Notable as one of pervert/director Zalman ("9 1/2 Weeks") King's forays into acting, it also benefits from perennial nosy neighbor, Alice Ghostley. This is the original German release and I think is the best image out there for the film. An essential LSD title.


CANNABIS (1970) - For once, the demon weed is called by its true name, cannabis instead of its slave name, marijuana. Unfortunately, the film has more to do with gangsters and smugglers than it does with botany, as '60s icons Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin show off their respective talents (with a good portion of Birkin's on view in the poster).

This original French grande is a classic from the era, and is imho, clearly the best art for the film.


COCAINE (aka LETTERA ALL'ALBA, UNA) (c. 1948) - Rarely seen Italian noir film about the trials and tribulations of a Milanese cocaine dealer in post-war Europe. "Scarface" it ain't, but the film is apparently worth seeking out for fans of dark crime dramas.

Theater used, original Belgian release (13 3/4x19 1/4"), that is obviously trimmed in the upper area.


CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER (1962) - What is this, a 12 step convention? Enough with the confessions!

Vincent Price makes a rare outing away from Edgar Allen Poe long enough to tackle DeQuincey's tale of drug addiction. Fantastic imagery on this original release, US one sheet of an opium pipe, Asian sex slaves, and of course, Vincent himself.


COSAS PROHIBIDAS (aka FORBIDDEN THINGS) (1961) - Really shocking original Mexican one sheet, (24x35 1/2", slight staining around the edges) that is quite disturbing and ahead of its time.

The poster leaves little doubt what a couple of the "forbidden things" just might be, and as if there weren't enough peril, the baby is a nice added touch to further heighten the dramatic tension. Just a stunning example of classic exploitation art from south of the border.


CRANK (2006) - While not exactly a drug film, this poster is a fantastic representation of an under-represented segment of reeferiana, and that is the speed freak film. The needle through a nail pierced heart can be recognized by any who have experienced one of these demon drugs. Makes me wonder about the art director...

Double sided, original German advance. The perfect gift for your meth addicted neighbor, but for heaven's sake, just leave it under the door.


DAMAGED GOODS (1937) - With the Production Code in full swing by 1937, it was up to the roadshow men to come up with ways to make nekkid movie women legitimate, and the way they managed to do it was by creating such educational films like "Human Wreckage" or "Damaged Goods." Fine films that showed the venereal horrors unleashed on decent youth when they succumb to the grim grip of promiscuity and pre-marital s-e-x. It's certain the young men who flocked to these showings were merely wishing to further their health educations, and not just hoping for a glimpse of naked lady bits.

This is an original release, US one sheet, and is surprisingly hard to find in relatively decent condition. Even with missing border chunks and lower horizontal fold paper loss, this is still an excellent copy of a VD classic.


DEALING: OR THE BERKELEY TO BOSTON FORTY BRICK LOST BAG BLUES (1972) - Pint size musical icon Paul Williams also had a career as a director, making several films over the years. Featuring early performances by John Lithgow, Barbara Hershey (Seagull), and Charles Durning, this is a surprisingly competently told tale of a reefer smuggling college boy.

Most notable though are the posters, in that they feature a surprisingly accurate (so I'm told) depiction of a cannabis sativa plant. I suspect those involved in the production of this film might have been a little too zealous in their "research," or the art designer might have spent too much time with the wrong crowd. Regardless, it's a must for any reeferiana collection.


DEATH IN SMALL DOSES (1957) - Pill movies are some of the rarest of the reefer madness films. Lacking the outlaw status of the demon weed, cocaine, or heroin, "mother's little helpers" may have struck a little too close to home for the Hollywood swells who would make them. It's not nearly as dramatic scoring from your shiny over-the-counter pharmacist as it is with your sleazy underworld pusher.

This original rolled 22x28" has it all though. TV's "Rifleman," Chuck Connors dominates the poster as a hopped-up-on-goofballs truck driver, while scenes of medicine cabinet raids and classic beatdowns fill in the rest. Just a perfect pill poster.


DEVIL'S SLEEP (1949) - The "Citizen Kane" of pill movies. Starring Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd's ex-wives, the brother of Robert Mitchum, Mr. America of 1948, and the director of "Ding Dong Night at the Moulin Rouge," it's impossible to believe that this could be anything other than the absolute top-of-the-heap.

This poster comes in at least two versions, one green and one brown. I can't say whether one is earlier than the other, as near as I can tell they are contemporary with each other. When these show up, they are inexplicably almost always trimmed, and this example is no exception. It has been linen backed, but the trimmed borders were not recreated. Displays perfectly.


DIVA (1981) - One of the coolest films to come out of the 1980s, Jean-Jacques Beineix' "Diva" perfectly epitomized the era, with it's updated take on the new wave thriller.

Original country of origin, French grande.


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