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PLEASE NOTE that I am not a dealer per se, Iím just a guy who is selling off a portion of what has become too large of an accumulation of vintage movie posters. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to wankers; that said though, as a collector I will treat you the way Iíd like to be treated, because I want these to go to happy homes where they will be appreciated. Condition freaks should ask for detailed descriptions before purchasing, as I am less disturbed by the history accumulated by these pieces of paper than I used to be, and that might be reflected in the written descriptions. Be sure to check every page!

Photo Title/Description Price

SATAN'S BED (1965) - During the 1960s a particularly nasty sub-genre emerged in the world of exploitation cinema, the so-called "roughies." These were exactly what they sounded like, sadistic torture/rape films for the absolute lowest common denominator among the trenchcoat crowd.

"Satan's Bed" would be just one more bit of cinematic nastiness were it not for its lead actress who would later go on to bigger and better things, one Yoko Ono. Still a year away from breaking up the Beatles (I kid, I kid), Ono was an integral part of the New York art and intelligentsia scene, and starring in a roughie might have been an artistic lark, or a fantastic way to piss off her parents.

This is an original US one sheet. I've seen another style, but with very similar, and equally unpleasant, graphics, which leads me to think either version (or both) are from the original release. Neither shows Ono in any recognizable way, but she does get top billing in the credits. Appropriately, the top and bottom edges are in rough shape.


SOFT BOILED YEGG, THE (1920) - In 1920, after his exit from Mack Sennettís studio, silent comedian B-lister Chester Conklin made three extremely rare films, Home Rule, The Soft Boiled Yegg (working title: Who Am I?), and His Model Day. Virtually unknown today, they were the result of Chester attempting to stretch out on his own by partnering with West Coast stage producer/director A. Lincoln Hart and the dodgy associate of Thomas Ince, J. Parker Read, Jr. and his doomed Special Pictures distribution company.

Hart had apparently hooked up with Read via an association with actress and Ďteens sensation Louise Glaum. Read had produced many of her films, including the smash hit Sex, and itís possible Hart knew Glaum from her stage roles. Unfortunately it was a disaster for all involved as Read never paid Hart what was due for the Conklin films and the producer had to sue. Things didnít work out much better for Louise as she eventually ended up suing Read as well, only for substantially more. Read, in true Hollywood fashion, allegedly ducked Glaumís subpoenas by pretending to be a coal stoker on a boat for Europe, where he hid out until things cooled off. Further complicating the situation, Readís soon-to-be-ex-wife claimed he had been nailing Glaum all along, which no doubt had slowed her reaction to Readís deadbeatery.

Ultimately these complications have apparently been lethal to the survival of the three Conklin films as they have been almost entirely forgotten, although this film does exist at the Library of Congress. Even paper on them is extremely rare, therefor adding this wonderful scene showing Chester getting down with proto-flappers to your collection is a real opportunity for serious collectors.

SHUNPU DEN (aka STORY OF A PROSTITUTE) (1965) - Original Japanese release.

This is the rare "country" version of the poster. Often there were non-standard posters issued for use outside of the large cities, and this is one of those, and is all the more astonishing being for one of renegade director Seijun Suzuki's master works.


STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - (1994) Invitation made from paper and special rubberized Program Book for ST: TNG final episode "All Good Things" screening and post-screening cast party at the studio. This was the end of the "Next Generation" era on television. Available only to cast, crew and Paramount TV employees.

Wonít see these everywhere.


Handed out at the opening night screenings of the film that re-booted the "Star Trek" franchise. Post production effects were created so late in the game that the stills used in this program do not show the final scenes as they were in the film, only the live action shots, before the effects were added. Very strange. I'm thinking some poor assistant caught hell for this.

STAR WARS - (ca. 1977) Hologram, 2 1/2x2 1/4".

Features an X-Wing fighter. This is from a Doritos promotion and is #3 of 6. Pretty neat, it appears to be firing at you!

Impossible to photograph, sorry. Looks much better than pictured.

STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH - (2005) Mini-poster, original US release.

This is a special father's day promotional poster that was issued to patrons who saw the film on Father's Day. This is an absolutely genuine copy, as, I am embarrassed to admit, personally got it from the theater on that day. Hey, I was going to see it anyway...


STRIP TEASE (1963) - One of the icons of '60s counterculture, Krista Nico was around many of the major artistic upheavals at the time. Made in her European days, "Strip Tease" offers viewers a rare taste of early Paris sleaze, plus healthy doses of a stunning, young Nico in the altogether.

After leaving Europe and moving to New York, Nico (as she became known) was an integral part of the Andy Warhol "factory" scene. Eventually she teamed up with John Cale and the seminal rock band, "The Velvet Underground," to make a series of legendary recordings, that remain important landmarks from the era. The sixties would not have been the sixties had their been no Nico.

This is an original release French grande, with the flawless Nico and her dainty underthings prominently on display.

TALE OF SORROW AND SADNESS, A (aka HISHU MONOGATARI) (1977) - Original Japanese release.

With this movie, Seijun Suzuki re-entered the world of feature films after being effectively banished for his...unconventional, departure from the Nikkatsu norm after delivering "Branded to Kill" to speechless studio executives. Happily, "Hishu Monogatari" was successful enough for Suzuki to begin a second life as a director in the '80s and '90s, and has been able to see the new interest in his work.

TALES FROM CRYPT - (1972) Original US release 11x14" lobby card set.

Great set of 8 and great doesn't even begin to cover it. These are imnsho THE best horror lobbies from the '70s. Never used.

TALES FROM CRYPT - (1972) Original US release 8x10".

Seven color stills that are exactly the same as the lobby set at a fraction of the cost. Missing #2. Clearly there is a sadistic Santa Claus (or Joan Collins) freak out there who is very happy.

TATESHI DANPEI (aka FENCING MASTER) (1962) - Original Japanese double sided press sheet.

Written by Akira Kurosawa and directed by Harumi Mizuho. Kurosawa's story revolves around efforts to keep the samurai art of fencing alive in an ever more modern Japan, where there is little need or use for mastery of the sword.

It goes without saying that material for Kurosawa written films is next to impossible to find, and this is a fine example.

TROG - (1970) Original US release 8x10" set.

Sadly, Joan Crawford's last movie. What a way to go. Eight excellent color and 1 B&W still.

VISITEURS DU SOIR, LES - (R1960s?) Original French re-release grande, 47x63". On linen.

Marcel Carne classic made during France's World War II occupation by the Nazis. On a par with "Children of Paradise". Spectacular decorator piece, perfectly appropriate for your vampire obsessed, emo-weirdo teenager.


UP IN SMOKE (1978) - Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong re-invented the drug film with the release of "Up in Smoke." Moving from the realm of the roadshow to the mega-studio release, reefer gained a certain, if not respectability, tolerance, among mainstream audiences, and outright giddiness at the studios that made fortunes from it.

Original release US one sheet. This contains the discontinued tag-line that was replaced by one that might be thought less likely to be encouraging reefer use. *Nobody* would want to suggest the film encouraged reefer use...


VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (aka VALLEE DES POUPEES, LA) (1967) - Pills, pills, pills! The poor actresses are literally swimming in pills!

This original release, Belgian poster (18 1/2x22 1/4") with art by "Ray" has got to be one of the best pharmaceutical posters around. Nightmarish imagery nicely adds to the swirling haze the young starlets must endure.

WIZARDS - (1977) Original US release set of 8, 8x10" mini lobby cards. Mint.

Hard to find Ralph Bakshi animation classic that suggested his later masterful work in "Lord of the Rings." Bakshi is perennially underrated as a director. He virtually singlehandedly re-created animation after it had been artistically moribund for at least two decades.

Watch his films and be amazed at just how far ahead of his time they were.


WORK IS A FOUR LETTER WORD (1968) - So called "magic" mushrooms have almost been completely ignored by Hollywood and the associated bottom feeders that created exploitation movies, this film is the clear exception. Coming from a major studio at the height of the "Easy Rider" fueled willingness to do anything to connect with "the kids," David Warner takes up shrooming at the factory. Needless to say, mayhem ensues.

Original release US one sheet.


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