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These posters are for sale or possible trade purposes. Please refer to my want list for things that are of interest for trading.

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PLEASE NOTE that I am not a dealer per se, I’m just a guy who is selling off a portion of what has become too large of an accumulation of vintage movie posters. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to wankers; that said though, as a collector I will treat you the way I’d like to be treated, because I want these to go to happy homes where they will be appreciated. Condition freaks should ask for detailed descriptions before purchasing, as I am less disturbed by the history accumulated by these pieces of paper than I used to be, and that might be reflected in the written descriptions. Be sure to check every page!

Photo Title/Description Price
KILLER'S KISS (aka BAISER DU TUEUR, LES) - (c. 1958) Original Belgium release, 14 1/2x21 1/2", on linen.

Stanley Kubrick comes of age in his first commercially released feature film. A gritty film noir, photographed by Kubrick in found locations, the film is surprisingly mature, and makes it obvious that Kubrick was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Foreign material is very difficult to come by, particularly with such great colors and image. This would be fine addition to any true Kubrick kollection.

LOKIS - (1970) Original Polish release, minor stains.

Amazing graphics even for a Polish poster, this is a truly creepy image that is definitely appropriate for this "werebear" fairytale story.

Not for the faint of heart.

LSD, FLESH OF DEVIL (aka LSD, UN ATOMICA NEL CERVELLO) - (1967) Original release English language 1 sheet, printed in Italy.

The '60s were strange days indeed. Channeling James Bond as much as Peter Fonda, this Italian spy movie is most notable for its poster art, and what art it is! Absolutely classic, and a must have for any exploitation collection.

MANHATTAN - (1979)

CONGO - (1995)

Original release promotional buttons.

MANIAC - (1980) Original release, tri-fold (no vertical fold).

Picking up where "Psycho" left off, director William Lustig's grisly film shocked audiences of the day. Equally shocking is the notorious poster art which features some of the most notorious subliminal art ever used on a poster. Note that the killer seems to be overly...um, excited...by his ghoulish activities.

No modern horror collection is complete without this masterpiece of degeneracy.

MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN, THE (aka EHE DER MARIA BRAUN, DIE) (1979) - Original US release one sheet.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's most successful film, it gained popularity all over the world due in no small part to the wonderfully erotic art of star Hannah Schygulla by J-M. Troillard. Excellent condition. Linen backed, ready for your wall.

MEPHISTO (1981) - Original release British double crown.

Striking poster for the Szabo/Brandauer classic on selling your soul to the devil. Truly sublime. Rolled, miniscule nick in border.


MISSION MARS - (1968) Set of 8 original release 8x10" B&W stills.

See the brave astronauts in front of a hastily constructed backdrop!

See how NASA shouldn't fake Mars landings!


MONSTER ZERO (aka KAIJU DAISENSO, aka INVASION OF THE ASTRO-MONSTER) (1965) - Original Polish release.

Poor King Ghidorah ends up looking like a chicken in this wonderfully goofy Polish poster for the Ishirô Honda monster classic.

MS. 45 - (1981) Original release rolled one sheet.

Notorious auteur Abel Ferrara's second feature film tells the story of a woman seeking revenge on men after being brutally attacked. One of the pinnacles of low budget New York film making and exploitation films in general, its influence went far beyond the trenchcoat crowd it was marketed to.

The poster was equally influential, marking one of the earliest appearances of the now iconic "through-the-legs" art work. Essential for '80s collections.

NAPOLEON - (R1981) Original re-release Program.

Shown in all its glory, Abel Gance's "Napoleon" had a triumphal screening at the Los Angeles Shrine. The three screen masterpiece was presented with a full orchestra sitting with the audience. A true moment in time for film history, and this is the actual program audience members received.

NOBI (aka FIRES ON THE PLAIN) (c.1960s) - Original German release.

Outstanding art is the highlight of this poster for the Kon Ichikawa classic film that shows the grim decline of the Japanese army in the Philippines jungles, as each man must choose his own fate when their cause is lost. Not for the faint of heart.


ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL (1955) - A stirring morality tale on the horrors of taking that first puff of reefer cigarettes. Coming from a broken home, our heroine finds solace in the company of a motorcycle gang and the devil's weed. A sham marriage with her goody-two-shoes high school boyfriend goes badly, and soon she's on her way to the hard stuff.

One can only imagine the degradation that is about to befall the poor dear, in this original US lobby card.


PACE THAT KILLS, THE (1935) - Willis Kent's sound remake of his earlier cocaine classic took the degradation to new lows. The natural result of the plague of drug addiction, murder, is wonderfully portrayed here with nearly the entire cast shown.

Original release US lobby card. It's very hard to find original material (and not roadshow knockoffs) for these early coke films.


REINE DU NARCOTIQUE, LA (aka ?, literally DRUG QUEEN) (c. 1950s?) - It's hard to know just what this film actually was before it was retitled for Belgian release, I suspect it might be "Smashing the Vice Trust," "Confessions of a Vice Baron," or some other similar title. Regardless, the under-table grope and injection scenes are first class. This would be the perfect gift for your favorite dope queen.

Original post-war Belgian, 11 3/4x16".

ROMA (1972) - Original German release.

Infamous, and anatomically correct, artwork. If you wanted to make a film about the eternal city, maestro Federico Fellini was just the man for the job. Superb film, superb poster.


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