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These posters are for sale or possible trade purposes. Please refer to my want list for things that are of interest for trading.

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PLEASE NOTE that I am not a dealer per se, Im just a guy who is selling off a portion of what has become too large of an accumulation of vintage movie posters. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to wankers; that said though, as a collector I will treat you the way Id like to be treated, because I want these to go to happy homes where they will be appreciated. Condition freaks should ask for detailed descriptions before purchasing, as I am less disturbed by the history accumulated by these pieces of paper than I used to be, and that might be reflected in the written descriptions. Be sure to check every page!

Photo Title/Description Price
EXORCIST, THE - (1974) Creepy set of 8 original release US lobbies, 11x14".

These lobbies set just the right tone for this classic horror film. Exploding on the scene and becoming one of the first of the modern "blockbusters" that so changed Hollywood, "The Exorcist" raised the bar for all horror movies going forward.


FILLES ET OPIUM (aka KUROSEN CHITAI) (c. 1960) - Those girls and their opium, what are you going to do?

A nasty little piece of Nippon noir about drugs and prostitution, it's interesting that this particular film got a release in Europe. Thank goodness it did though, this original release Belgian (14 1/4x21 1/2") is terrific.

FISCHIO AL NAZO, IL (aka OTAZKA CTI, aka "THE SEVENTH FLOOR") - (ca. 1968) Original Czech release, 22.5x31.75".

Ugo Tognazzi stars in the unusual story about a man who has a problem with nose whistling. Tognazzi, famous in the US for his appearance in the original "La cage aux folles," appears (unexpectedly) with former "Gilligan's Island" starlet and Actor's Studio alum, Tina Louise.

This is a fabulous poster that combines old master style art with abstract constructivism. Only the Czechs, or possibly the Poles, could come up with such a strikingly original poster.

FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH - (1967) Five original US release, 11x14" lobby cards. Some creases and small tears.

Dr. Quatermass is at it again, this time uncovering our buggy ancestors in a pit of an old tube line. One of the best of the '60s science fiction films, these lobbies nicely feature some of the better scenes, including the Martians and their ship.

FRANCJA NAPRZOD! (aka ALLEZ FRANCE!) (c. 1964) - Polish original for French film with Diana Dors (US title: "The Counterfeit Constable").

Positively wonderful image by Flisak of a nutty bird in a constable's uniform epitomizes the supremacy of Polish poster design. Would be ideal in a retro, mid-century home. Rolled.

FROGS - (1972) Complete set of 8 original release US lobby cards. Excellent.

Classic nature-gone-wild film that was such a staple of '70s horror. Just as the fear of atomic energy and global nuclear destruction provided the sub-text for many of the '50s sci fi classics, the environmental consciousness movement in the late '60s and early '70s provided a similar segue for Hollywood schlockteers to separate young people from their disposable incomes. Featuring the amazing artwork, complete lobby sets are surprisingly hard to find.

GHIDRAH, THE 3 HEADED MONSTER (aka SAN DAIKAIJU: CHIKYU SAIDAI NO KESSEN) - (1965) Set of 8, original US release 11x14" lobby card set.

The Godzilla gang in all it's rubberized glory. Lots of great monster cards, plus the twins!

GREMLINS - (1984);

DRAGONSLAYER - (1981) Original release promotional stickers. Some discoloration on the "Gremlins" sticker that appears to be an internal issue.


HARDER THEY COME, THE (R. 1977?) - This original British quad is generally believed to be from the 1977 "re-release," although I suspect this was actually the film's first wide distribution beyond local art houses where it played initially. Instrumental in introducing Jamaican reggae and rastafari culture to the world at the time Bob Marley was also doing his bit, the importance of "The Harder They Come" can't be minimized.

The condition of this rolled poster has developed issues. :( A true religious relic.

Trade Only
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - Alberto Vargas Pin-ups - (1932) Hollywood studios would occasionally place special insert sections into the 2 major trade papers, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, often with distinctive, not-for-general-consumption artwork to publicize their upcoming releases. This is an example of that.

Featuring pin-up art by famed master, Alberto Vargas, Miriam Hopkins is at her most brazenly seductive in "Shame of Temple Drake," ultimately released as "Story of Temple Drake." Hopkins took a real leap, starring as the fast-living party girl who gets taken down a notch by a rapist gangster in this decidedly pre-Code adaptation of William Faulkner's "Sanctuary."

HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING - (1989) Original UK pressbook.

Featuring amazing Ralph Steadman art, I have never seen this image on any other material for this odd cult film.

Steadman gained infamy as the illustrator for gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson's most famous works, including "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." He is also the creator of one of the best modern British quads, "Withnail & I." He is an extraordinary talent, and this rare delight is well worth having.

INTOLERANCE - (R1995) Original French grande reissue, 47x63". Linen backed.

Magnificent art recreates the original US one sheet design. D.W. Griffith is truly one of the pioneers of US cinema, and "Intolerance" was one of his crowning achievements. This poster is truly breathtaking when on a wall, and is a fabulous decorator item.


ISLE OF LEVANT (aka LOCKENDER SUDEN) (1958) - It's hard to imagine a time when "nudist" films were all the rage, but before the interwebs put porn just a mouse click away, horny youngsters had to congregate at the movie theater whenever these would be offered up. Although there are some very early examples of the real thing made domestically as a nudist film, during the '50s and '60s the audience would most likely be seeing European films recut and dubbed into English, which is the case with "Isle of Levant."

What is amazing is that this is an original British release quad, and is easily one of the earliest nudie quads ever done. It is certainly one of the most beautiful.

JAKOMAN TO TETSU (1964) - Original Japanese release.

Directed by noted filmmaker Kinji Fukasaku with a script written by master Akira Kurosawa. Tells the story of fishing village terrorized by a one-eyed bully and the young man who decides to rebel against the thug. Pure Kurosawa, since it could just as easily be told against a samurai setting.

Posters for films only written by Kurosawa are difficult to come by. There is some damage in the upper border, fortunately the missing edge pieces are still glued to the verso, as it was apparently glued rolled to itself at one time.


JUBILEE (1978) - Starring pretty much everybody who was anybody in the outr London new wave/punk/theater/fashion scene at the time, Derek Jarman's "Jubilee" epitomizes the excesses of that era, while perfectly capturing the energy. Starring among others, Adam Ant, Richard ("Rocky Horror") O'Brien and Little Nell Campbell, the film is Jarman at the height of his avant garde powers.

Original US Libra release (the same folks who handled "Eraserhead"), 22x26".


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