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1980 - The Present Day:

Beginning in the 1980s, cinema reeled from the one-two punch of the final, complete corporatization of the USA, and the "blockbuster" mentality that "Star Wars" implanted into the cocaine addled brains of development executives. Gone was the vital, independent cinema of the '60s and '70s, replaced by spreadsheets, bloated budgets, and high concept effects films. "Intelligence," "art," and "challenging" were now pejoratives, replaced by lowest common denominator thinking designed to part rubes from their box-office dollars in the laziest manner possible.

Still, in spite of the long odds against them, the occasional film was able to sneak through and show thought, wit, and creativity. Sadly, most of these films were from countries outside the USA.

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MADADAYO (aka NOT YET!) (1993) - Akira Kurosawa's final film uses a Japanese drinking game that asks "are you ready", to which the response is "not yet," which might be a not so subtle hint that the old master wasn't quite ready to stop making films. Unfortunately, there were to be no more after this. Reminiscent of "Ikiru," it is a fitting end to one of the greatest directors the world ever produced.

Kurosawa also did the artwork used on this original Japanese release.


STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - (1994) Invitation made from paper and special rubberized Program Book for ST: TNG final episode "All Good Things" screening and post-screening cast party at the studio. This was the end of the "Next Generation" era on television. Available only to cast, crew and Paramount TV employees.

Won’t see these everywhere.


GHOST IN THE SHELL (aka KOKAKU KIDOTAI) (1995) - Based on the popular Manga, this is the first in what would be an empire of related films, TV shows, and video games.

Shouldn't be a big stretch to see why I like this poster - it is the original Japanese release and is rolled. Wait, that's not what you thought the reason was...?


L'ECRAN FANTASTIQUE (1995) - Who would have thought the French would create one of the best Lugosi posters around? This was for a series of screenings that covered the history of horror/fantasy films. Perfect for hanging on Hallowe'en.

Original French release, on linen.


STARSHIP TROOPERS (1997) - Outstanding double sided, original release advance one sheet that just begs for a lightbox.

Verhoeven's misunderstood masterpiece. In spite of smilin' Denise Richards, and most of the scenes prior to bootcamp, this is one of the best goll durned science fiction movies ever made. An early adopter of digital production, the armies of bugs were jaw-dropping at the time, and remain so today. Give it a second chance.

Trade Only

EYES WIDE SHUT (1999) - Stanley Kubrick's final film is an astonishing cap to his illustrious career. An unexpected examination of the nature of relationships, jealousy, and creepy rich people from the man whose films seemed to have nothing but ice in their veins. Kubrick extracts a performance from Tom Cruise that will amaze.

Double sided original release advance one sheet.


GRASS (1999) - Ron Mann's excellent film on the history of cannabis prohibition set the bar for any further such examinations. Narrated by Woody Harrelson, it is documentary filmmaking at it's best, using the medium to reveal truths that might not be so visible. Should be required viewing in the USA.

Original release US one sheet.


BEST IN SHOW (2000) - The pinnacle of dog show mockumentaries, of course this comes from the mind of Christopher Guest and his band of regulars. Parker Posey steals the movie as the insufferable attorney owner of a neurotic weimaraner who loves it's Busy Bee.

Double sided original US one sheet.


MULHOLLAND DR. (2001) - David Lynch takes a ride down my favorite street anywhere. Easily topping "Blue Velvet," "MD" is simply virtuoso filmmaking. Firing on every cylinder, it is what cinema is all about (even though it was intended to be a TV pilot).

This is the Laura Harring version of the double sided original release one sheet.

Trade Only

MULHOLLAND DR. (2001) - David Lynch's masterpiece about second chances in Hollywood, and just how fleeting it can all be.

This is the Naomi Watts version of the double sided original release one sheet.

Trade Only

MULHOLLAND DR. (2001) - Original Spanish release of the David Lynch classic.

This is the only version I know of that has Michael Anderson as Mr. Roque, and is worth it for that alone.

Trade Only

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE (2002) - Love him, or hate him, Michael Moore has helped to reinvigorate the documentary as a theatrical experience.

In this original German release poster, the artist has caught the film perfectly. I find most of the posters, particularly those from the US, to be a trifle insufferable.


TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE (2003) - Sylvain Chomet's stupendous achievement in animation, harkens back to such classics as "Allegro non troppo" or even "Fantasia." The simple tale of a grandmere's search for her kidnapped cyclist grandson, it features beautiful artwork, classic villains, an Academy Award nominated song, and the most delightful dog ever put on screen. Worth seeking out.

Double sided original US release one sheet.

Trade Only
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