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1980 - The Present Day:

Beginning in the 1980s, cinema reeled from the one-two punch of the final, complete corporatization of the USA, and the "blockbuster" mentality that "Star Wars" implanted into the cocaine addled brains of development executives. Gone was the vital, independent cinema of the '60s and '70s, replaced by spreadsheets, bloated budgets, and high concept effects films. "Intelligence," "art," and "challenging" were now pejoratives, replaced by lowest common denominator thinking designed to part rubes from their box-office dollars in the laziest manner possible.

Still, in spite of the long odds against them, the occasional film was able to sneak through and show thought, wit, and creativity. Sadly, most of these films were from countries outside the USA.

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RAN (1985) - Whatever problems Kurosawa had with his filmmaking are put to rest as he takes on Shakespeare and "King Lear." It is as magnificent as "Seven Samurai," with stunning cinematography, and a performance from Nakadai Tatsuya that would have Olivier asking for pointers.

This is the original Japanese release, "fire" style.


RAN (1985) - Whatever problems Kurosawa had with his filmmaking are put to rest as he takes on Shakespeare and "King Lear." It is as magnificent as "Seven Samurai," with stunning cinematography, and a performance from Nakadai Tatsuya that would have Olivier asking for pointers.

This is the original Japanese release, "storm" style.


BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986) - John Carpenter and Kurt Russell at the top of their games in this woefully misunderstood work of genius. Only now moving beyond cult status.

Original US release one sheet with Drew Struzan artwork that perfectly captures the character of everyman hero, Jack Burton. Him.


BLUE VELVET (1986) - Coming off the success of "Elephant Man," David Lynch was able to make this intensely personal film that is unquestionably in the top ten films of the decade. The risky (and perfect) casting of Dennis Hopper as human nightmare Frank Booth gave Hopper a chance to rehabilitate his career, while delivering the performance of a lifetime.

Rolled, original release one sheet.

Trade Only

BLUE VELVET (aka VELLUTO BLU) (1986) - While most "BV" material is fairly standard, the Italians took their artwork to a whole new level. Apparently based on a scene in a poolroom (see below), Dorothy Valens is never actually depicted anywhere near like this. This graphic comes from the artist and marketing department, who were apparently very sick puppies. You have to admit though, in a very lurid and twisted way it works - just like the movie.

Original release Italian 2 panel.


BLUE VELVET (aka VELLUTO BLU) (1986) - This is an original release Italian photobusta.

Showing the infamous "pooltable" scene, where Frank pummels an unlucky patron while topless skanks look on, the scene was cut from the final movie. How it ended up in the Italian photobusta set is anybody's guess, however, there's no doubt it is an essential "BV" piece.


FULL METAL JACKET (1987) - Stanley Kubrick does the Vietnam war. The film suffered comparisons to "Apocalypse Now," but if taken as a work of it's own, it is equally as brilliant, albeit significantly different. Private Pyle and his comrades are Kubrick's window into just how we are able to dehumanize not only our enemies, but ourselves.

This is a rolled, original release one sheet. I prefer these with the MPAA rating, it is definitely harder to find rolled. Allegedly from a Warner Bros. executive, fwiw.

HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING - (1989) Original UK pressbook.

Featuring amazing Ralph Steadman art, I have never seen this image on any other material for this odd cult film.

Steadman gained infamy as the illustrator for gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson's most famous works, including "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." He is also the creator of one of the best modern British quads, "Withnail & I." He is an extraordinary talent, and this rare delight is well worth having.


TETSUO (aka IRON MAN) (1989) - Yes, it's a video poster, but if anybody can find me an original Japanese release I'd love to hear from you. Shinya Tsukamoto's audaciously original masterpiece of cyberpunk filmmaking received a very limited theatrical release in Japan, so that pretty much just leaves the video poster, which is equally rare, if you want it in your collection.

This is the original video release, and gives the full flavor of what's in store.


VIOLENT COP (aka SONO OTOKO, KYOBO NI TSUKI) (1989) - "Beat" Takeshi Kitano's stunning directorial debut, featuring himself as the star. If the Bad Lieutenant and Dirty Harry had an out-of-wedlock, psychopathic son, this would be it.

Original Japanese release.


WILD ORCHID (aka SMYSLNA ORCHIDEJ (c. 1990) - Director Zalman King's sleaze nightmare starring Mickey Rourke. The artist perfectly captures the essence of the film. I really need to get the Japanese "Naked Lunch," it would work perfectly with this.

Original Czech release.


RHAPSODY IN AUGUST (aka HACHI GATSU NO KYOSHIKYOKU) (1991) - Akira Kurosawa's contemplation on the atomic bombing of Japan and it's effects on a family, and it's improbable reunion with long lost grandson, Richard Gere. The stunt casting doesn't affect the film too much and there are many wonderful moments of Kurosawa Fu.

Original release Japanese poster.


UNFORGIVEN (1992) - Almost certainly one of the best posters of the 1990s, this is the original release, double sided advance. Must be seen in a lightbox for full impact.

Until proven otherwise, this is Clint Eastwood's masterpiece. A sublime contemplation on death and life in the old west, by an old hand who's an expert at both, "Unforgiven" is loaded with memorable characters and performances, and turns many of the tired old western cliches on their ears, updating the genre for the next century.

Trade Only

TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME (aka FUOCO CAMMINA CON ME) (1993) - Theatrical sequel to David Lynch's groundbreaking TV series, tells the story of poor Laura Palmer's days before her short trip in a rail car. Appropriately quirky, yet with the standard Lynchian underpinnings of brutal savagery. Heck, even has gratuitous David Bowie, in one of the most unusual performances ever put on film.

This is the original release Italian 2 panel, on linen. Bella!

Trade Only
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