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1965 - 1979:

Rock and roll. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Vietnam. Watergate. All of these set the stage for the next great epoch in cinema history.

As the post-World War II baby boomers start finding their voices, the old ways of doing things, the "We always did it this way" status quo was the first thing to be questioned, then disposed of. French nouvelle vague filmmakers led the way in showing the rest of the world that there were new techniques, new stories, and new philosophies that could be explored via film. The studio system was all but dead, sent to it's grave by television, and the independents moved in to fill the gap. Cinematic freedom not seen since the pre-Code days creates a renaissance of adult oriented filmmaking.

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LANCELOT DU LAC (1974) - While admittedly grisly, this poster superbly represents French master Robert Bresson's subtle take on the legend of King Arthur.

This is the original French petite. I definitely prefer this size over the grande, as I find in the larger format the image can be a little overwhelming. It's much less disturbing, and less likely to be banished by those less poster crazed, when in the smaller size.


BARRY LYNDON (1974) - In the same way I have a mental block with "Night of the Hunter," I find this Stanley Kubrick film impenetrable. Like "NotH," I know there's an outstanding film in there somewhere, it's just that I, personally, can't seem to "get" it. I'll keep watching it until I do, because it's not like it takes any effort to get through.

Original US one sheet with the ubiquitous awards snipe.


BARRY LYNDON (1974) - All stops were pulled for the lobby cards issued for "Barry Lyndon." These are truly magnificent, and have 21 of the 26(?) original cards.

Original US release.

Trade Only

DERSU UZALA (1975) - Trying to get his career back on track, Akira Kurosawa teams up with the Soviet Union to make this tale of a simple native man who helps explorers stay alive on the their exploratory expeditions to Siberia. As usual, exemplary cinematography, particularly when seen in 70mm, is a highlight.

I prefer this "sunset" style of the original Japanese release.


ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, THE (1975) - I remember doing the Time Warp...

The most famous midnight movie on the planet, and actually one of the best musicals made since the '30s if you put aside all the craziness and actually watch it as a film. Particularly dear to fans of horror and science fiction films, the opening "lips" song is wonderfully represented here.

Original US release advance one sheet.


MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, THE (1976) - One of the most challenging science fiction movies ever put on film, Nicholas Roeg's directorial masterpiece would have been nothing without the ethereal David Bowie in the lead role. As much of a chameleon as an actor as in his music, Bowie perfectly represents the kind of space oddity one would be if dropped onto another planet, and were desperate to return to your real home.

Iconic image of Bowie on this original release advance one sheet.

Trade Only

STAR WARS (1977) - While it might not be a masterpiece, it's a dang fine piece of filmmaking and (obviously) was profoundly influential, both for the positive and negative, for the film industry. Unleashing the despicable "blockbuster" mentality among "creative" executives, it also reinvigorated the science fiction genre, which had basically run out of steam in the '60s.

This is an original release, no hair one sheet, that also has the added plus of only being a "tri-fold" (no vertical fold line).

STAR WARS - (ca. 1977) Hologram, 2 1/2x2 1/4".

Features an X-Wing fighter. This is from a Doritos promotion and is #3 of 6. Pretty neat, it appears to be firing at you!

Impossible to photograph, sorry. Looks much better than pictured.

TALE OF SORROW AND SADNESS, A (aka HISHU MONOGATARI) (1977) - Original Japanese release.

With this movie, Seijun Suzuki re-entered the world of feature films after being effectively banished for his...unconventional, departure from the Nikkatsu norm after delivering "Branded to Kill" to speechless studio executives. Happily, "Hishu Monogatari" was successful enough for Suzuki to begin a second life as a director in the '80s and '90s, and has been able to see the new interest in his work.


ALIEN (1979) - Ridley Scott's franchise starter, dark corners, scary monsters, and annoying cats create an instant classic.

Magnificent set of 8 original release lobby cards.


LONG GOOD FRIDAY, THE (1979) - A good old fashioned gangster movie with bravura performances by Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren. Set against the rapidly changing docklands of London, all heck breaks loose while Hoskins is busy trying to make a deal with the US mafia, in the person of Eddie Constantine.

Original release Britsh quad.

Trade Only
MANHATTAN - (1979)

CONGO - (1995)

Original release promotional buttons.

MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN, THE (aka EHE DER MARIA BRAUN, DIE) (1979) - Original US release one sheet.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's most successful film, it gained popularity all over the world due in no small part to the wonderfully erotic art of star Hannah Schygulla by J-M. Troillard. Excellent condition. Linen backed, ready for your wall.


NOSFERATU, PHANTOM DER NACHT (1979) - Rivaling Murnau's version, Werner Herzog puts his own take on the vampyr classic. Really terrific artwork nicely captures the creepy essence of the film.

Original German release, signed by Herzog, with accompanying letter from producer Michael Gruskoff.

Trade Only

SHINING, THE (1979) - Stanley Kubrick re-invents the horror film. I must say though, it seems that if you read the book, you hate the movie, needless to say, I've never read the book and I truly love this film. Jack Nicholson gives the performance of a lifetime, and it has THAT SCENE! I could watch this 500 times and I'm pretty sure that would still freak me out every time I see it.

Original release advance one sheet.

Trade Only

Handed out at the opening night screenings of the film that re-booted the "Star Trek" franchise. Post production effects were created so late in the game that the stills used in this program do not show the final scenes as they were in the film, only the live action shots, before the effects were added. Very strange. I'm thinking some poor assistant caught hell for this.


WOYZECK (1979) - Another of the fantastic Kinski/Herzog collaborations, based on the play by Georg Buchner. Truly operatic in it's execution, Kinski is brilliant as the soldier driven to insanity by pondering imponderables and sadistic officers.

Perfect image of krazy Klaus on this original German release.

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