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1965 - 1979:

Rock and roll. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Vietnam. Watergate. All of these set the stage for the next great epoch in cinema history.

As the post-World War II baby boomers start finding their voices, the old ways of doing things, the "We always did it this way" status quo was the first thing to be questioned, then disposed of. French nouvelle vague filmmakers led the way in showing the rest of the world that there were new techniques, new stories, and new philosophies that could be explored via film. The studio system was all but dead, sent to it's grave by television, and the independents moved in to fill the gap. Cinematic freedom not seen since the pre-Code days creates a renaissance of adult oriented filmmaking.

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PEUPLE ET SES FUSILS, LE (1970) - Extremely rare French grande.

Co-directed by legendary documentary filmmaker, Joris Ivens, this stunning example of an anti-Vietnam war documentary vividly reminds us all just how polarizing the war was. Ivens' career began with the silents, through stints in the USSR with Pudovkin, a film on the Spanish Civil War with Hemingway, being declared a Communist by HUAC, and decades of pro-worker, anti-fascist films. Needless to say, it's a safe bet John Wayne would not approve of Ivens at all. At. All.

Agitprop posters of this sort are a very interesting window into some of the less pleasant moments in our past. While truly a specialist's niche, I find early documentary posters fascinating, particularly by someone as important as Ivens.


THX-1138 (1970) - George Lucas right where he should be, directing films about gloomy, sterile dystopias. Oh wait, this isn't for "Star Wars," it's one of his two actual masterpieces ("THX-1138" and "American Graffiti" if you're curious).

An excellent set of 8 lobbies for the original US release has some great scenes, really just one dead card.


WALK THE WALK (1970) - What can you say about this poster? Between the needle, the crazed "junkies," and the lure of seeing an actual hippie wedding, there's no way anybody could stay out of the theater. I know it's a stretch to think that infamous showman Kroger Babb had anything to do with this, but there it is. Hard to believe Jac Zacha's career didn't go anywhere too.

Original US one sheet.


ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES, THE (1971) - This has got to be one of the best horror posters of the '70s. It just doesn't get any better than crazy-as-a-bedbug Vincent Price in full monster makeup kissing his mad-as-a-hatter assistant. Happily, the film is as good as the poster so there's no need for guilt in owning it. Astonishing art design with a worthy script make "TADP" top drawer, through and through. Hearkens back to the glory days of James Whale's masterpieces.

This original release US one sheet should be required in any horror collection.


ANGST DES TORMANNES BEIM ELFMETER, DIE (aka THE GOALKEEPER'S FEAR OF THE PENALTY KICK) (1971) - One of the three pillars of the New German Cinema that emerged onto the world scene in the 1970s, Wim Wenders' tale of a murderous goalie was his second feature film.

Original first German release.


DEEP THROAT (aka GORGE PROFONDE) (c. 1972) - The granddaddy of mainstream porn, "Deep Throat" made going to a Dirty Movie something that was not just done by people that wear raincoats indoors. It's hard to imagine in this day of the interwebs, and even the VCR before that, sitting in a theater full of fellow pervs. You did what you had to do, I suppose.

Original release French petite that is far superior to the grande, in that it shows not only a (version) of the American flag, it has the highly desirable "nurse" artwork from the US release. Patriotism and porn, what more could you ask for in a movie poster?


AGUIRRE DER ZORN GOTTES (1972) - Visionary Werner Herzog's masterpiece. How can you not love a movie with swimming monkeys, dream ships hanging from trees, and a totally insane megalomaniac? A Herzog/Kinski match made in movie heaven.

Original German release, on linen.

Trade Only

BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR (1972) - Before San Francisco's premiere purveyors of pornography, the Mitchell brothers, started murdering each other they created this classic of X-rated mayhem with the former Ivory Snow soapbox girl, Marilyn Chambers. Not quite as skanky as "Deep Throat," "BtGD" was almost as popular, and made piles of money for the Mitchells.

This is a must have sleaze poster. Original US release, folded, mint.


BITTEREN TRANEN DER PETRA VON KANT, DIE (aka THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT) (1972) - R.W. Fassbinder was one of the founding members of the New German Cinema, and this film helped to put him on the map. While the staginess of it's roots show, the ending is a knockout. Once again stars Fassbinder favorite, Hanna Schygulla.

Oversized original German release from its premier at the 1972 Berlin Film Festival.

FROGS - (1972) Complete set of 8 original release US lobby cards. Excellent.

Classic nature-gone-wild film that was such a staple of '70s horror. Just as the fear of atomic energy and global nuclear destruction provided the sub-text for many of the '50s sci fi classics, the environmental consciousness movement in the late '60s and early '70s provided a similar segue for Hollywood schlockteers to separate young people from their disposable incomes. Featuring the amazing artwork, complete lobby sets are surprisingly hard to find.


CLOCKWORK ORANGE, A (R. 1982) - I hate to say it, but I actually like this artwork better than the iconic art for the original release. I have to believe that this is also Kubrick approved, so I don't feel too badly about it.

Original US re-release one sheet.


HARDER THEY COME, THE (R. 1977?) - This original British quad is generally believed to be from the 1977 "re-release," although I suspect this was actually the film's first wide distribution beyond local art houses where it played initially. Instrumental in introducing Jamaican reggae and rastafari culture to the world at the time Bob Marley was also doing his bit, the importance of "The Harder They Come" can't be minimized.

The condition of this rolled poster has developed issues. :( A true religious relic.

Trade Only

VALLEY OBSCURED BY CLOUDS, THE (aka VALLEE, LA) (1972) - Used for a New York release for Barbet Schroeder's hippies-in-the-jungle classic, this poster features the same art as the UK quad. Surrealistic mountains, which would appear to be a little chilly for the jungle, and Pink Floyd music credits make this a wonderful flashback to the '70s.

Early US release.


KILL BABY KILL (aka HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD) (1973) - I don't know what got into the art department at MGM, but I wish it could have stayed there. The amazing artwork for this Mario Bava classic is simply unbelievable, and so unlike almost anything else going on at the time, anywhere. I don't know why this poster isn't more popular, to me it's got everything - a great title, great art, and great director. Pffft. Peasants. Let them collect Spiderman...

Original US release one sheet.


PINK FLAMINGOS (1973) - It's hard to believe it took American film until 1973 to finally get to shit eating, while it's also hard to believe that John Waters has almost single-handedly helped keep "independent" filmmaking alive in the US. "PF" is the granddaddymommy of them all. THE classic. Giving the world Divine, Mink Stole, the Egg Lady, and the "filthiest person in the world" contest is no small contribution to society.

Original US "release" (such as it was).

Trade Only
EXORCIST, THE - (1974) Creepy set of 8 original release US lobbies, 11x14".

These lobbies set just the right tone for this classic horror film. Exploding on the scene and becoming one of the first of the modern "blockbusters" that so changed Hollywood, "The Exorcist" raised the bar for all horror movies going forward.


JEDER FUR SICH UND GOTT GEGEN ALLE (aka ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER, THE) (1974) - When Werner Herzog met an actor that meshed with his style, genius films followed. Herzog's four films with fellow lunatic traveler Klaus Kinski are obvious, while worth equal inspection are the films he made with Bruno S. Nowhere moreso than in "JFSuGGA" are the mysterious qualities the actor possessed put to better use.

The poster is a pip as well. Delightfully goofy. Original German release.

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