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1965 - 1979:

Rock and roll. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Vietnam. Watergate. All of these set the stage for the next great epoch in cinema history.

As the post-World War II baby boomers start finding their voices, the old ways of doing things, the "We always did it this way" status quo was the first thing to be questioned, then disposed of. French nouvelle vague filmmakers led the way in showing the rest of the world that there were new techniques, new stories, and new philosophies that could be explored via film. The studio system was all but dead, sent to its grave by television, and the independents moved in to fill the gap. Cinematic freedom not seen since the pre-Code days creates a renaissance of adult oriented filmmaking.

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2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (aka 2001: ODYSEJA KOSMICNA) (c, 1972) - Abandoning the "realism" of most of the poster art used in the rest of the world, Polish artist Victor Gorka uses abstract modernism to create a poster that captures the essence of Kubrick's "2001." Using HAL, the...disturbed... computer, as his jumping off point, Gorka's machine man perfectly exemplifies the "what makes us human" subtext that drives the film.

Original Polish release, on linen.

Trade Only

ACID, DELIRIO DEI SENSI (1968) - Original Italian quatro foglio.

Proving that taking acid really does cause people to freak out, there is no better freak out than to strip off all your clothes. The young bambina shown here is clearly on her way to a quality freak out.

Bigger than life size, this poster practically gives you a contact high. Material for this Italian dementia classic is very desirable to a certain sort.


BLOW THE MAN DOWN (1968) - Proving yet again that taking drugs, particularly the menace LSD, leads the youth of today down a desperate road to graphic toplessness. A no-budget exploitation film from the pinnacle of the counterculture movement's influence, both the film and the poster provide a licentious warning to troubled teens and the perverted squares who enjoy watching their naked shenanigans.

Original US release one sheet.

FISCHIO AL NAZO, IL (aka OTAZKA CTI, aka "THE SEVENTH FLOOR") - (ca. 1968) Original Czech release, 22.5x31.75".

Ugo Tognazzi stars in the unusual story about a man who has a problem with nose whistling. Tognazzi, famous in the US for his appearance in the original "La cage aux folles," appears (unexpectedly) with former "Gilligan's Island" starlet and Actor's Studio alum, Tina Louise.

This is a fabulous poster that combines old master style art with abstract constructivism. Only the Czechs, or possibly the Poles, could come up with such a strikingly original poster.


GOKE, BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL (aka KYUKETSUKI GOKEMIDORO) (1968) - Printed in Japan for use by English language distribution. "Goke" is one of the freakiest space vampire movies ever made, and a cult favorite of those who concern themselves with such things. The poster nicely catches some of the exciting high points that were sure to entice witless Americans. There is a very interesting anti-Vietnam war sub-theme that one does not expect from such delirious Japanese trash. $95

MANTIS IN LACE (aka LA MANTIDE, aka LILA) (1968) - Rising to the top of the homicidal strippers on LSD movies, "MiL" was released under various titles including "Lila." Cinematic highlights include disturbing acid freakouts, axe murdering, and completely unerotic striptease acts.

Like many of it's brethren (or sisteren for that matter), "MiL" is cursed with sub-standard US poster material. That is more than compensated for by this astounding Italian due foglio. Psychedelic colors and spaced out imagery lays bare the torment suffered by dosed dancers. Original release.

Trade Only

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) (ca. 1970) - Original international one sheet, probably from no later than 1971.

The success of "NotLD" surprised everyone, not the least of which was its distributor, Continental. While the domestic posters were eventually handled by NSS, it seems Continental was left to scramble for material when it was released to the rest of the world, particularly Spanish speaking countries, so they came up with this style of 1 sheet based on the early advertisements.

There is considerably more discussion about this poster here.


CHAGRIN ET LA PITIE, LA (aka SORROW AND THE PITY, THE) (1969) - Marcel Ophuls' monumental documentary on the history of one town's collaboration with the Nazzies under the Vichy government during World War II. Made roughly 25 years after the events, it is a stunning moment of national self-reflection that was virtually unprecedented. One of the genuine milestones of documentary filmmaking.

Original French release grande.


DOWNHILL RACER (1969) - Paramount in the late '60s and early '70s had one of the best art departments in the business. Posters for films such as "Rosemary's Baby," "Medium Cool," and both versions of "Downhill Racer" are considered classics of design, and it's easy to see why. The spare coolness of this "kiss" poster is undeniably erotic, mysterious, and just plain beautiful.

Original US release, on linen.

EVERYTHING FOR SALE (aka WSZYSTKO NA SPRZEDAZ) (1969) - Original country of origin Polish release.

Andrzej Wajda is arguably Poland's best director, certainly one of the most recognized. Made at the height of flower power in the west, "Everything For Sale" incorporates much of the energy of the era with traditional Wajda flourishes. As usual, the Polish art is fantastic.


FREE GRASS (1968) - Featuring two and half stars from "West Side Story," Russ Tamblyn, himself no stranger to drug films having starred in "High School Confidential", Richard Beymer, and Natalie's little sister, Lana Wood, "Free Grass" is a delightful romp into drug smuggling, murder, and LSD spiked drinks. Throw in seedy drug dealer (and one time DJ) Casey Kasem, and you've got a guaranteed winner!

This is the desirable color version of this one sheet. Slightly larger than the NSS version, it's possible this was made before it was picked up for wider distribution.


TURN ON TO LOVE (1969) - John ("Rocky") Avildsen's stunning debut as a director. A hapless housewife explores the darkside with Greenwich Village hippies, only to discover she's happier as a square. Aren't we all...

Original US one sheet would be ideal for blackmailing Avildsen.


AUCH ZWERGE HABEN KLEIN ANGEFANGEN (aka EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL) (1970) - While often compared to "Terror of Tiny Town" since it has an all little person cast, any similarities between the two films ends there. Werner Herzog, the filmmaker's filmmaker, has created one of the most original films ever put on celluloid, defying conventional description. Seriously, you have to watch this to understand it's greatness, a synopsis simply does not do it justice.

Extremely rare original German release.

Trade Only

BRAND X (1970) - Crawling with Warhol factory scenesters and other '60s sophistos, including fugitive Yippie Abbie Hoffman in one of his rare film appearances, this fantastic poster has artwork by the Fabulous Furry Freak himself, Gilbert Shelton. It could not be more '60s than this.

Rare original release, 43x60".

Trade Only

GIARDINO DEI FINZI CONTINI, IL (aka GARDEN OF THE FINZI-CONTINIS) (1970) - One of the masters of Italian cinema, Vittorio de Sica, adapts the Giorgio Bassani novel of life in Mussolini's Italy. Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award.

This is really a marvelous poster. The bloody red sky that tints everything around it, magnifico! Original Italian release.


GIGI GOES TO POT (1970) - Don't we all.

More young girls in the big city mayhem. Apparently scoring the really good stuff that turns every "pot party" into an orgy in such cesspools of immorality as New York is pretty easy. As are the girls. Buh-doom. I'll be here all week folks....

Original US release one sheet.

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